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Webinar on the chemical substance risks and their minimisation

Date: To be confirmed

ENCOCourses ≫ CH Course #1

About: 2 day webinar on Chemical substance risks and their minimisation.


  1. to provide a broad overview of the most important concepts and topics on risk related to production, use, storage and transportation of dangerous chemical material, the risks posed by dangerous chemicals, and how to minimize them;
  2. to understand the fundamental principles, the regulatory framework for chemical materials, and the main elements related to preparedness and response for emergencies with dangerous chemicals; and
  3. to provide examples of lessons learned from accidental events that happened in the past.

Scope: The Webinar covers recent cases of explosions and accidents caused by dangerous chemicals in order to understand the possible hazards, response thereto, and how to learn from these experiences in order to minimize risks and potentially avoid incidents and/or accidents.

The international legal framework related to the production, use, storage and transportation of dangerous chemical materials is presented, with emphasis on the regulatory control of chemical substances, and the important aspects related to their safety and security.

The detection of chemicals ranging from site inspections to inventory and checklists are discussed in order to provide a clear understanding of the different approaches. In addition, modelling tools for risk assessment are described during the course, such as chemical risks mapping and modelling, and the use of modelling of hazard.

Neutralising and retrieval of dangerous chemicals and their subsequent disposal also addressed as important steps for risk mitigation. To conclude, emergency preparedness plans for chemical plants and storage units are looked at, in order to address how best to contain damage and respond to potentially dangerous and liquid situation.

A desktop exercise is to be conducted at the end of the webinar, in order to give the participants, the opportunity to use the knowledge gained for preparing the development of a chemical risk management programme including content, basic elements and their integration with programmes for other types of risks.

Target audience:

Day 1
09:00-09:15 0. Opening and Welcoming remarks
Short overview of the aims of webinar
ENCO, participants
09:15-10:15 1. Safety and security related to production, use, storage and transportation of dangerous chemical material Günter Povoden
10:15-11:00 2. International regulatory framework for chemicals
EU Directives and regulation (incl. explosives)
International conventions
Maja Boskovic
11:00- 11:15 Coffee breaktd>
11:15-12:00 3. Risk of chemicals and recent experience:
Case study #1 Beirut explosion, causes and consequences
Yannick Durocher and François Grunewald
12:00-12:20 4. Risk of chemicals and recent experience:
Case study #2 Cyprus explosions and its effects; views of recovery and international assistance
Günter Povoden
12:20-12:40 5. Detection of chemical material:
Research on obsolete chemicals in Kenya
Patricia Gitari
12:40-13:00 Discussions and clarification All
Day 2
09:00-09:45 6. Detection of chemical material
Site inspections and inventory checklists - international practice
Günter Povoden
09:45-10:30 7. Chemical risks mapping and modelling
Cartographic modelling of a toxic and flammable hazard. Case study 3: Rhone river transport accident
Nicolas Jal
10:30-10:45 8. Risk of chemicals and recent experience:
Case study #4 Illicit storage of pesticides in Kosovo 2010
Günter Povoden
10:45-11:00 9. Risk of chemicals and recent experience:
Case study #5 Release of toxic chemicals in South Africa
Günter Povoden
11:00- 11:15 Coffee breaktd>
11:15-11:45 10. Neutralising chemical substances
Recovery and disposal of dangerous chemicals
Günter Povoden
11:45-12:15 11. Emergency response plans for chemical plants and storage Adriana Baciu
12:15-12:45 12. Desktop exercise:
Development of national chemical risk management programme – content, basic elements and their integration
12:45-13:00 Discussions and clarification All
13:00 Closing remarks, adjourn ENCO, participants
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